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This is a list of some helpful Tips and tricks for Blocker. Feel free to add your own to this list!

Class tips[edit | edit source]

Item tips[edit | edit source]

Boss tips[edit | edit source]

  • I would suggest to work together with your teammates , but if you want to solo it is not impossible.
  • I would also suggest using 'Soul Stealer' (Green Sword), Frostbite (Blue Sword) is great too because it can decrease the hits by the boss , if you have ways to heal yourself while in the battle. For example : Teaming with your teammate who is a doctor.
  • I suggest that before you fight with the boss , clear nearby monsters to prevent them to block your way or kill you while you are fighting with the boss.
  • Choosing characters with has rapid hits are a faster way can can be an easier way to defeat the boss.
  • If you are in a rush to get the Giant Core, I would say that Great Mail (Armor),Bomb and an upgraded sword (Any sword in Shop) is recommended.
  • If you want to play safer and longer ,earn 36 more coins and purchase a Black Heart in Shop which gives extra 5 maximum health points.
  • Bomb can help you kill a boss that is in low health and if you are killed right in front or near the boss. Then, you respawn and run towards the place where you died.
  • Once you had killed a boss,you will get 20 coins and a Giant Core. (Unless you shared with your teammates)
  • Before you defeat a boss, and you wanna play a little bit safer, get 2 from each crystals (Yellow-Undamage , Blue-Attack Speed x2 , Green - Life-Stealing) and when you fight , take one of any crystals so you will get a special boost-up for 30 seconds. Note: Undamage Crystal DOES NOT effect on boss , (only from monsters like zombies , wolves ,villages , etc. -For example: If you had undamaged boost-up on , monsters will attack you, but it does not cause any damage to you unless the boost-up had last over 30 seconds.)

Dragon Boss tips[edit | edit source]

  • I would suggest use your ability or power that can kill it and you are the distraction as its fireballs are quite strong. For Example: Doctors can leave a trail of hearts.
  • Dragons can't use its fireball to destroy the hearts but its fireball can destroy Necro-Zombies, I suggest NOT to use Necromancer to defeat Dragon.
  • Blue Crystals are VERY useful. It doubles your attack speed for 30 seconds right after you collect the third blue crystal.
  • Make sure you try to keep distance from the boss and it follows you all the time by looking at its fireballs (If the fireball keeps shooting towards your direction) , unless you had low health and you want to escape from it.

Monkey Boss tips[edit | edit source]

  • To defeat this boss, I encourage you to buy Frostbite (Blue Sword).
  • The main key to defeat this boss is to slow it as much as you can. If it hit you once, then you are almost over, unless you are super great at escaping from bosses.
  • Try to get as far as possible as it boosts every a second or two but don't get too far or it will lose its sense to follow you.
  • I also suggest using characters with rapid hits , characters that can push the boss backwards or slow the boss or ranged characters - For example : Mage (Their Frost ability can slow down enemies for 2 seconds), Scientist (Their Magnets can push the boss away) or Defender (They can leave a trail of spike blocks while attracting the boss.)

Slime Boss Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Slime Boss is similar to Dragon Boss.