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Creatures are friendly and hostile NPCs that exist in Blocker. They spawn randomly through-out the world. Some bare some resemblance to the Player Classes.

List of enemies[edit | edit source]

Friendlies[edit | edit source]

These creatures will not attack unless they attack them first.

  • Villager
  • Has a chance to copy what players had spoken.
  • Has 5 health points.
  • Father
    • Gives hearts (regain 1 health) when you talk to him.
    • Has 5 health points.
    • Attacks players with his fists.
  • Barman
    • Throw beer which contain 6 seconds of potion when players talk to him. There are 3 types of potion: Attack speed x2, Life Stealing and Undamaged.
    • Has 5 health points.
    • Attack players with his fists.

Hostiles[edit | edit source]

These creatures will attack the player on sight.

  • Zombie
  • Green Coloration.
  • Slow like Necro-Zombies.
  • Skeletons
  • White-skeletal hostiles
  • Has a Sword that Cleaves, and a Shield that can block attacks.
  • Bats
  • Blue/Purplish in color.
  • Ranged.
  • Slimes
  • Ranged.
  • Slow enemies down.
  • Cactus
  • green, has spikes
  • deals damage to players that deal damage to it close up
  • Yeti
    • Attacks players when nearby.
    • Has a chance to stun players.
    • Usually spawn during winter season.
  • Wolves
    • Boosts every 3 seconds to attack players.
    • Only attacks when it is boosts.
    • After a player attack 8 wolves, he/she will wear a wolf hat.
  • Spider (Boss)
    • Allows you to obtain a Giant Core if slain.
    • Spawn 1 small spider (minions) every second.
    • Its minions walk fast towards players and does 1-3 damage points each minion.
  • Monkey (Boss)
    • Boosts every few seconds.
    • Can boost through obstacles.
    • Players' movement will decrease for a few seconds once hit by Monkey Boss.
  • Slime (Boss)
    • Ranged.
    • Spits blue goo and will split into 8 different directions once the blue goo has reached its maximum range or hit an obstacle.
    • Players' movement will decrease for a few seconds when hit by Slime Boss.
    • Before it splits into 8 directions, it has 4+ damage points. When it split, it has 1 damage points.
  • Dragon(Boss)
    • Allows you to obtain a Giant Core if slain.
    • Breathes Fire every 1-2 seconds that explodes in range every second.
    • A True-Flying/Phasing enemy. Flies over anything.
  • Scorpion
    • Ranged.
    • Spits poison that does 1 damage point and slows players' movement for a few seconds.

Other creatures[edit | edit source]

These are creatures that won't attack the player.

  • Windy Ostrich
    • A yellow bird that allows player to ride on it.
    • Psuedo-Flying (Doesn't actually Fly)
    • When players are riding on it, it will enable players to walk backwards faster compare to the players who didn't ride ostrich.
  • Lost Princess
    • Respawn randomly in the world in a minute once she is killed.
    • Heals nearby monsters and players every 5 seconds.
    • Has 5 health points.
    • Only 1 princess is in the world.
  • Pigs
    • Spawn in a barn with fences surrounding it.
    • They will run away from players if you get close to it.
    • Players will increase 1-2 health points after killing a pig.