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Blocker is a real-time MMO game. It feels like .IO game with RPG elements. There are many different hero classes that you can play. Each class has unique and special abilities. Pick a class, and between 4 competing teams. Your main objectives are capture or hold the outpost, and survive from monsters. You can play co-operate with your teammate players.

The game can be played for free through the Official Blocker Website.

Development[edit | edit source]

For server-side, Blocker uses Node.js framework with Websocket technology. And for client-side, it uses Phaser.js and optimized with pure Javascript. History Edit

History[edit | edit source]

Blocker is created by Witsaraz Zuninhong (Teppo). The game is inspired by, Minecraft, and Dota2. As a result, the combination of rich features game become into a new genre of .io game. But blocker originate with .com not .io because it is not fully .io game style. It is different from general .io game.

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